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Infrared Thermal Imaging IR Scan Thermographers Phoenix Arizona
IR Inspections in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, AZ.
And all surrounding states and cities.
Phoenix-Scottsdale areas: Dale Duffy: 602.402.5305
Chandler-Mesa areas: Jeff Moore: 602.448.2926
Providing Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection IR Scans in Phoenix Arizona and all surrounding cities and states. We guarantee to perform inspections of the utmost quality.  We are Thermographers who find missing Insulation, Electrical problems, Air Conditioning issues, Water Intrusion concerns, Air Infiltration and hundreds of other related aspects of our profession. Thermal Infrared IR Imaging Scans which are related to the building science we have learned through the years of experience as both thermographers and general contractors.  If there is an object emitting a varible in temperature even to one half of one degree we can detect a possible problem which could be costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair costs or down-time if you are an industrial complex with many types of electrical machinery operating with electrical power.
We take pride in providing Thermal Infrared IR Imaging Scan services.  The majority of our business is from past clients and referrals, but also from Facility Managers at corporations throughout Arizona.  We work directly for the client.  We insure that our clients understand every item that may be reported.  Our job does not end after the Thermal Infrared IR Scan Inspection Report is completed.  Should you have any questions months down the road, you are encouraged to give us a call and we will do whatever it takes to insure that you are 100% satisfied with our service.
Phoenix Arizona Infrared Thermal Imaging thermographers are here to assist so you are confident about every aspect of your building or the machinery in the building being used to manufactuer any product known to mankind. We can help you prevent possibly tens of thousands of dollars in damaged equipment from both electrical problems or the need for lubrication. Overheating is the number one cause of machine failure, finding an object overheating is what we do. Other aspects of thermography are locating water or air infiltration which both can cause problems in any commercial building or residental dwelling. We are here to save you money, and we can save you money using Infrared Thermal Imaging to locate what no person can see, infrared radiation is invisble to the naked eye, but not through the eye of a high quality thermal imaging camera.


"Industrial Manufacturing Plants and other Commercial Facilities"
A non-intrusive diagnostic inspection, using infrared thermography, gives you an opportunity for operations and maintenance personnel to take appropriate action when necessary. Possibly avoiding a catastrophic failure, and the associated issues and costs involved in down-time. Call us today for a preventative maintenance inspection of your plant or facilty.



Level One through Level Three Certified Thermographers for Thermal Imaging requests anywhere in the United States. Please call 602.402.5305 for all our Thermographers contact information.


National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors

An association of Commercial Building Inspectors and Thermographers across the United States and Canada.



Phoenix Arizona Thermal Infrared Imaging is available seven days a weeks, we will provide Infrared Roof Inspections, Thermal Imaging Elecrical Inspections, Air Conditioning Inspections, Air Infiltration, Commercial Building Inspections, Missing Insulation, Window Leak Locating, Thermal Energy Loss which could be costing you much more to condition the house or commercial building you own or lease. Call 602.402.5305 today to schedule your Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection, you'll be pleased you did, because we guarantee it!

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