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Arizona Thermal Imaging Inspection, Infrared Inspections in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, AZ.

Inspect Arizona Companies, Inc.
Phoenix Commercial Building Inspectors, Inc.


Dale Duffy: 602.402.5305
Jeff Moore: 602.448.2926

We provide Thermal Imaging thoughout the state of Arizona. Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Thermal Imaging. Electrical Problems, Air Conditioning Duct Leak Detection, Missing Insulation, Moisture Intrusion, Roof Leak Locating, Air Infiltration, Energy Audits, and much more. We utilize Fluke TI55, TI32, and Flir T-400 Thermal Imaging Cameras which are the highest quality imagers available which detect problems lower end cameras may not find.

Please call to schedule an inspection, we provide service seven days a week 365 days per year anywhere in the United States. We have Level One through Level Three Certified Thermographers available for any project.

  • Other applications we utilize Thermal Imaging:
  • Cold Storage Cooling Loss
  • Electrical Motor Inspections
  • Mechanical Bearing Inspection
  • Gearbox Monitoring
  • Transformer and Capacitor Bank Inspections
  • Detect Leaks in Refrigeration Equipment
  • Missing Grout in Masonry Block Building Walls
  • All Electrical Applications, Overheating, Poor Connections
  • Water Leak locating at Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Roofs
  • Missing or Displaced Insulation detection at any location
  • Commercial Building Inspections
  • Air Conditioning distribution duct leak locating
  • Window Air Infiltration locating
  • Under Concrete Slab Leak Locating
  • Roof Inspections, Commercial & Residential
  • Steam Valve failure inspections
  • Data Processing Center Thermal Imaging, detecting overloads

Member: National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors